Card Processing

Full service solutions for accepting card payments

Card Processing Terminal

PaymentSense is one of the UK’s largest merchant service providers and enable more than 50,000 SMEs to process over £2 billion of card payments every year.

Card Processing

From desktop, portable and mobile card machines to online transactions and payments by phone, they have a wide range of cost-effective card processing solutions that are perfectly suited to small and medium businesses.

No matter what type of business you are or what your budget is, I’d be surprised if PaymentSense hasn’t got a cost effective card processing product to match your needs. We have also compiled a handy first-timers guide to card processing

3 Different Ways to Accept Cards

Card processing is becoming tremendously versatile and costs are dropping as technology improves. It’s easy to securely accept card payments in-store, online, over the telephone as well as on the move.

Chip & PIN

Chip and PIN machines are being used by countless businesses world wide to transact card payments in-store, with the majority of retailers and restaurants putting in these user friendly terminals (chip & PIN machines) by their tills or cash registers.

Portable Terminals

Terminals are not restricted to a fixed base these days. Another popular sort of card machine is the portable terminal. This features Bluetooth or wireless technology that permits the machine to be used anywhere on your business premises.

Mobile Terminals

Mobile terminals, meanwhile, are good for businesses that need to take payments on the road. As a result of cutting-edge GPRS technology, they can process transactions immediately from anywhere throughout the uk that has got good phone coverage.

Alternatively, a virtual terminal is the ideal solution if you want to receive orders via telephone, fax or mail order.

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